Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Training fees and membership must be paid or arranged before the commencement of the first class.

1.a. Gradings in martial art specific programs may require a minimum of two classes per week.

2. Classes are NOT transferable to another person including friends, relatives or siblings.

3. Non-attendance or change of circumstance does not warrant transfer of sessions, reimbursement, suspension or cancellation of any membership.

3.a. Medical Conditions or change of circumstance may warrant suspension, but not cancellation of this contract agreement. Membership may be suspended for medical conditions by presentation of a Medical Certificate issued by a Medical Doctor or relevant health professional, including for but not limited to injuries, pregnancy, or illness. I agree that Short Term Membership Contracts such as 12 or 24 week body challenges must still be paid in full. (Also See 7.a.)

4. Memberships may be suspended at Evolve Dojo Berwick’s discretion, for up to a maximum 8 weeks every 12 months, no less than seven days at a time. Time suspended extends the duration of membership.

4.a. Short term memberships such as 12 & 24 week body challenges can be suspended for up to a maximum of 4 weeks for 12 week challenges, and 8 weeks for a 24 week challenges. Time suspended extends the duration of membership contract.

5. Notice of suspension must be done in writing by completing an Evolve Dojo Berwick Suspend membership form, with 7 days notice.

6. All memberships will auto renew for the same terms unless Evolve Dojo is notified in writing two weeks before the expiry

7. Early Termination of a 12 month membership CONTRACT is permitted based on a 50% payout of the remaining membership balance owed.

7.a. Short term memberships such as 8 – to – 24 week body challenges MUST BE PAID IN FULL regardless of non-attendance, change of circumstance, or medical condition.

8. Evolve Dojo Berwick Reserves the right to cancel or suspend any membership at any time.

9. All Training Fees are calculated in consideration of public holidays and school terms. Evolve Dojo may be closed or vary the training timetable during Public holidays and between school terms. (i.e. Dojo may be closed from Dec 21st 2015 and re-open on Jan 4th 2016. Payments are still billed unless your membership is suspended.)

10. Evolve Dojo reserves the right to make alterations to the training timetable and class schedule without notice. 11. Special events such as Gradings, Workshops and Seminars may incur additional training fees.

12. Non-Compete / Specialised Knowledge: I agree to not share Evolve Dojo’s specialised knowledge, intellectual property, curriculum, training methods, nor nutritional recommendations in a paid or non-paid capacity via any means.

13. I hereby authorise any and all payments due to Evolve by me. I, further authorise my credit card company or bank to make payment(s) to Evolve by the method(s) indicated below and to deduct such payments from my account.

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