Fight Acting For Film & Television

Fight Choreography & Fight Acting for Film and Television

Evolve Berwick periodically hosts short courses and workshops in fight acting and fight choreography for Film and Television, with sessions conducted by international Martial Arts Legend Richard Norton.

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With over 90 movie titles to his credit, Richard has starred along side such greats as Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and Richard’s long time friend and training partner, Chuck Norris. Richard has travelled the world and worked as lead actor, stuntman, director, 2nd Unit Director, choreographer and fight co-ordinator for more than 30 years. More recently Richard has worked as trainer and fight choreographer / coordinator for DC Comic epic blockbster Suicide Squad (due for release in 2016). Suicide Squad cast includes Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, Margo Robbie, Cara Delevinge, Jai Courtney and Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s son). Richard also noteably worked as feature character, stunt actor and fight choreographer alongside Tom Hardy (Inception, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, & Warrior) and Charlize Theron (Arrested Development, Hancock, Prometheus) in George Miller’s epic Mad Max Fury Road.
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Currently training hollywood starlet Scarlet Johansen for the new movie Ghost in the Shell, Richard has masterminded the creation of cutting edge combat choreography systems for top secret pre-visualisation projects, worked in the motion capture team for numerous top video games, as well as made a guest appearance in the hit series Spartacus.12357249_10208512927566644_124117528785319432_o

Courses will cover the fundamentals of movie fighting and fight choreography, including essential fighting skills, camera placement and framing, styles of fighting, combat choreography systems, safety protocols, taking direction, structuring rehearsals, story boarding and pre-visualisation techniques, selling / acting impact and body movement for camera, use and protocols for weapons or improvised weapons, as well as how to construct a basic fight scene.

During the course you will have the opportunity to film and edit your own fight scene for your personal or professional showreel.

To register your interest in attending a Fight Choreography For Film and Television Short Course with Richard Norton, email

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