Tactical MMA

Jeremy and Richard NortonEvolve Berwick is the Honbu Dojo (headquarters) of the Tactical Martial Arts Association, an international grading and certification body for students and professional trainers of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Tactical MMA as an organisation has a firm foundation on self defence and real world survival combatives whilst also maintaining and promoting the cultural and ethical credos of ancient Bushido, including attitudes of Respect, Honour, Humility and Perseverance.

Tactical MMA classes are conducted in a traditional Gi uniform, with a no gi uniform comprised of MMA shorts and club rash-guard or t-shirt for TMMA Sport and MMA Fitness, Strength and Conditioning sessions.

TMMA does not promote fighting, instead seeks to promote health, awareness of self and others, unity, balance and ongoing personal development. As such it has been said that “Tactical MMA is an art with Bushido heart.”

Co-founded by international martial arts legend Richard Norton, and Evolve’s own principal instructor Jeremy Ta’kody, students can benefit from modern training systems, cutting edge strategies and ancient philosophies directly from the creators of TMMA.

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