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Well, this is me on the left here doing a high round kick. As you can tell I love martial arts and functional fitness. Basically I am a life-long student and well known teacher of human potential and the martial arts.

So this is the page where I’m meant to write a few things about myself. Things, if you don’t already know me, may help you feel a little more confident and excited about training at Evolve in Berwick.

So here goes. I am the owner and Director of Evolve Dojo Berwick. I’ve been learning and practicing martial arts for most of my life, teaching for over 25 years now. I’m married, live in Berwick with my wife Leigh, and daughter Sienna. I am the co-founder of the Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Association (a training and certification body for students and professional trainers), a certified Master Fitness Trainer, the Founder of the Dynamic Muay Thai curriculum, ¬†creator of Reflex Fitness Boxing and Kickboxing system, and creator of the “$100k Fitness Boxing Bootcamp Blueprint” for personal trainers). I’ve also filmed and produced several Martial Arts documentaries and instructional videos, and have several specialist books in the pipeline soon to be published.

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So you can probably tell I’ve been in the game for a long time. I also have over 7 years experience in the security industry, have trained numerous members of the Police force, Australian Military, private security personnel, professional fighters as well as actors, models, professional athletes and thousands of civilians.

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Jeremy Police uniform: Movie SetI am a protege of Australian martial arts pioneer John B. Will, and student of international martial arts legend Richard Norton. While I have trained with many amazing martial artists, it is John and Richard who have really inspired me to be who, and where I am today. I hold black belts and instructor grades in numerous combative styles including a Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, an achievement I am very proud of.

Some of you may already have trained with me here in Berwick, others may know me from articles in magazines. Besides being a martial artist I am also a passionate writer and the former editorial Director for Blitz Publications, Australia’s largest sports publication company. During my time as E.D., Blitz Publication titles included: Blitz Australasian Martial Arts Magazine, International Kickboxer Magazine, Australasian Taekwondo Magazine, Australian Ironman Magazine, Women’s Fitness and Health Magazine and Triathalon and Multisort Magazine. As an industry expert, editor and personal development advocate I’ve written and published hundreds of articles on a wide range of health, fitness, self defence, martial arts and personal development related subjects, as well as interviewed and profiled some of the world’s top experts in related fields.

I’m certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and am the creator of the 7 Attention model of human cognition.


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