It’s not Just about the Weight Loss

12068440_10154244589398916_5415326469018913784_o12138574_10154244589268916_6814166947191588557_oSo much of the great results we see each week are NOT just about the weight loss. Sure losing a few extra kilos and fitting in to a new outfit is a great reason to celebrate.

But the real benefit is the:
– renewed sense of confidence
– higher levels of motivation
– the focus, clarity and empowerment that comes when you take time out for yourself. Most people know that working out, wether it be lifting weights or hitting stuff is a great way to let go of stress, to change your mood, & an awesome way to increase your energy for life.

12109892_10154244589463916_129932237918377519_o12132601_10154244589208916_4098426154889113177_oAll of these things are in many ways MORE POWERFUL than simple numbers on a scale. Sure, the “health and fitness” is great, and being stronger in mind and body is cool. But for most it’s just about the FEELING.

Of being happy within yourself.

And it’s something here at EVOLVE BERWICK we are very proud to help people do.

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