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Jeremy and Richard NortonEvolve Berwick is the Honbu Dojo (headquarters) of the Tactical Martial Arts Association, an international grading and certification body for students and professional trainers of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Tactical MMA as an organisation has a firm foundation on self defence and real world survival combatives whilst also maintaining and promoting the cultural and ethical credos of ancient Bushido, including attitudes of Respect, Honour, Humility and Perseverance.

Tactical MMA classes are conducted in a traditional Gi uniform, with a no gi uniform comprised of MMA shorts and club rash-guard or t-shirt for TMMA Sport and MMA Fitness, Strength and Conditioning sessions.

TMMA does not promote fighting, instead seeks to promote health, awareness of self and others, unity, balance and ongoing personal development. As such it has been said that “Tactical MMA is an art with Bushido heart.”

Co-founded by international martial arts legend Richard Norton, and Evolve’s own principal instructor Jeremy Ta’kody, students can benefit from modern training systems, cutting edge strategies and ancient philosophies directly from the creators of TMMA.

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Life: The Sum of Small Things

bad-habitsHow the little choices we make add up to big differences in life.

Life is made up of small things. From the molecules and cells in our bodies to the little passing moments of time. Our entire lives are the sum of elements, small events, tiny thoughts, beliefs, decisions and actions that add up to become the sum of who we are and what we experience. These small decisions effect the success or failures of our entire lives, from our health, our finances, our relationships to our happiness.

Most people would agree that eating the odd takeaway, beverage or sugar snack now and then is relatively harmless, but those extra calories each day or each week, week in, week out in the long run account for the obesity epidemic our country faces.

The working long hours, putting projects first rather than making the extra effort for a weekly date night or time with the family at first is ok, but in the end can be the catalyst for divorce and major disharmony at home.
Our entire lives are made up of tiny decisions tiny choices that add up to big differences.

habitsAnd the worst thing is, most people are too hypnotised to the daily grind to WAKE UP and see what is happening. In fact most people numb themselves to stay asleep to this fact with food, television, alcohol and all manner of addictions to escape themselves.

You see, when sending a rocket to the moon, if your calibration is out by even just a few degrees, a few millimetres over the course of the journey of a thousand miles can mean missing the target entirely. The trick is to focus on the goal get started and then make small changes.
Yet most people are focusing on distractions, rather than Being who they want to become. Instead we need to wake up, be mindful, readjust, re-calibrate on a regular basis to stay on track. This will help you feel in control and to keep going when things inevitably get tough.

In time those small actions will add up to a bigger result. Making the time to go to the gym and work out, take some time out to read some motivational books, or spending some quality time with the family are all investments for a better life.

The same is true for every aspect of our lives. Our power is not in some one off heroic action, but in the daily rituals, habits and the sum of our small actions repeated often. Athletes do not become champions by one action, but by thousands of hours of repetition, early morning and late night practice, sacrifice and gruelling dedication.

Life is made up of small things, small moments that add up to make a big difference.

  • Make a list of actions you can STOP doing that are no longer benefiting your life.
  • Identify the top two or three things in your life you have been trying to ignore.
  • Make a list of small simple steps you can take to change the direction of your life.
  • What are you good at, passionate about doing that if you developed further could double your income or improve your situation?
  • What excuses or limiting beliefs can you let go of?
  • What would it take for you to wake up now?

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